Doctorfoxglove aims to provide you with access to Practitioner-exclusive supplements and services. We care about credibility—ours and our suppliers.

You work hard to stay healthy. We don’t take that lightly. Our suppliers build evidence-based formulas and let you see exactly what's inside. That’s transparency you can trust.

Our objective is to provide our customers with access to prescription only quality supplements and vitamins at competitive prices delivered to your home or work or pick up at various free drop off points in the Cape Town. We pride ourselves in only selling high quality supplements, and our products have been carefully chosen, tried and tested over 10 years in South Africa and are almost entirely Health Shop only select vitamins and supplements that are subject to proper quality control.


What’s in a name?

Our name is symbolic of the shift in modern medicine, headed by the Integrative and Functional medicine movement, towards a greater appreciation for using natural medicines either in place of, or in conjunction with pharmaceuticals.

Such as in the story of ‘Mrs Hutton,’ who way back in England in the 1700’s was known as a witch (or Botanist or Gypsy) who was successfully treating heart failure, caused by eg Strep throat or scarlet fever, with an herbal concoction. This was a previously difficult condition to treat before the discovery of Digoxin – a compound in the Foxglove plant.

When a ‘patient’ of hers mentioned it to their physician, Dr William Withering, he went to visit this Mrs Hutton and asked to study her concoction.

He hypothesized that the active ingredient in the remedy was the Foxglove plant and in 1785 did a small trial on 160 patients with heart failure – this was the beginning of the now well-known drug Digoxin, that is still used in some heart and blood pressure medications today.

Our team consists of:

An Integrative and Functional medicine doctor who has specially selected the products that are being used by integrative doctors around the world, as well as:

  • A registered Pharmacist who assists in the practitioner only range
  • An IT specialist to make your online purchase effortless and secure
  • A popular local courier for speedy and convenient delivery

A note from our Integrative Medical Doctor, Dr Leah Murray:

Doctorfoxglove was born out of a need for my patients to access a chosen selection of supplements, which sometimes are hard to find in pharmacies or health shops, or are otherwise PRACTITIONER-ONLY, that is, they can only be purchased from a registered healthcare professional.

I am in no way supported or funded by any of the brands / companies represented on this website, I merely provide an exclusive, hand selected range of products that have proven to be the most popular with my patients in terms of efficacy and safety.

There are products from a range of different companies, not just one, and these companies are all well respected internationally, using reputable sources for their ingredients and are backed up by current evidence and clinical studies.

As you will see, there are not hundreds of products available on this store, as I would like to keep it simple and in keeping with my belief system that one does not need a huge variety of vitamins and supplements, and especially not for an extended length of time. I believe that we should be getting the majority of our nutrients and ‘medicine’ from our food and am an avid supporter of a clean, varied diet.

Since the health supplement industry has boomed over the last few years, much due to the increased popularity of Functional Medicine, the shelves of health shops and pharmacies are packed with a huge variety of herbals, vitamins and other supplements claiming health benefits. This can be overwhelming for people who have an interest in their health and are keeping up to date with the latest research on natural medicine.